High velocity hood

Together with major paper manufacturers, Brunnschweiler has developed the technology of its High Velocity Hoods for tissue and MG paper production, in order to increase the drying capacity of the machines, maintaining at the same time optimum energy consumption and minimum maintenance.



Brunnschweiler's High Velocity Hoods are designed with a strong, rigid structure, and thanks to an ingenious expansion system, can resist temperatures above 500ºC with great dimensional stability. This helps to maintain a high evaporation capacity throughout many years, because the blowing distance is kept unchanged.

Brunnschweiler has recently developed a new High Temperature Hood that can accept temperatures up to 700ºC in the blowing air section. Employing the exhaust gases from a turbine cogeneration plant for the Yankee Hoods can dramatically improve the efficiency of the drying processes and produce significant reductions in energy consumption.