Auxiliary equipment for tissue

Dust removal

In tissue paper manufacture the control of the dust generated during the process has become an important factor to be considered, because it effects both the production and quality of the tissue as well as the health of the machines operators. For these reasons and together with paper producers, Brunnschweiler has developed and installed dust removal systems in Yankee machines as well as in converting areas.

This equipment reduces considerably the dust level on the paper surface and in the environment, improving the converting capacity and the work conditions as well as reducing fire risks. By means of computer simulations, tests in our pilot machine and reference installations supplied to many customers, we accurately define the required elements as well as the required flow according to the guaranteed dust levels.



Sheet stabilisation

Advances in drying technologies enable increases in paper machine speed. The impact and operational difficulty of attaining higher speeds must be anticipated in the design of the stabilisation system. Brunnschweiler supplies stabilisation systems that are adapted to address each customer's specific needs or runnability problems.


Mist removal

Mist removal systems on the wet end of paper machines are used to accomplish several key goals, including longer life for hall structures, avoiding corrosion and oxidation impacts, impeding contact between humidity and dust, reduction of maintenance time requirements and extending the useful life of equipment. Brunnschweiler mist removal systems provide these solid economic benefits while also improving working conditions for employees.