Heat recovery project in Holmen Paper Madrid PM-61


The high costs of the energy nowadays have strongly reactivated the investments designed to increase the energy efficiency in the paper drying process, which has high consumptions.  Brunnschweiler has recently developed a project to optimise energy consumption in the PM61 of Holmen Paper Madrid (Fuenlabrada – Madrid).

This project has been basically focused on two points: the optimisation of the existing heat recovery systems and the installation of second and third recovery steps for secondary systems

The main objective of all these actions were to increase the working dew point inside the hood, in order to achieve higher energy performances in the heat recoveries and lower electric consumptions in the fans on handling lower exhaust flows.

The consulting studies carried out prior to the start-up of the energy recovery project in PM61 machine of Holmen Paper, showed that the feed-back of the total investment is achieved in one year and two months.