Dunapack-Dunaujvaros Project


Brunnschweiler has been selected by Hamburger group to participate in the project of the new machine in Dunaujvaros mill, Hungary.  This new machine, PM-7, will produce fluting and testliner of 7,800 mm width at 1350 m/min.  Production will reach 1422 ton/day.

Our supply includes a closed hood 62 m long in predrying section, 38,5 m in afterdrying section and one open hood 8,3 m long in the size-press, the exhaust system of the former and the pulpers.  We will also supply the hall ventilation system with approx. 1,400,000 m³/h air flow, the heat recovery system for the machine ventilation and for the hot water coils of the hall ventilation cabins.

The ventilation system will start operating next November and the complete installation delivery is foreseen in July 2009.