Multi Layer Coated Board Machine for Emami

Brunnschweiler has been selected by Indian group EMAMI Limited for the project of the new Multilayer Coated Board Machine PM4. The new machine is designed to produce 180,000 Ton/year of board of 250 g/m² basisweight.

The supply includes the high efficiency closed hood over predrying and afterdrying section and open hood, equipped with the most advanced materials and designed to minimize heat loses, eliminate condensations and improve energetic efficiency.

With 6 m of height and 8 m of width, the hood is 65 m long in predrying section and 14.5 m in afterdrying section. Besides, Brunnschweiler has supplied two new aerothermic groups in the predrying section and one aerothermic group in the afterdrying section.

The installation has been successfully started up in March 2015.