Aerothermic project for Ballarpur Industries Limited

Brunnschweiler has recently completed its participation in the project of a new machine in Ballarpur Industries, in Haryana, India. This new machine, PM-7, has been manufactured by Allimand and produces uncoated wood free paper of 5,460 mm width at 1,100 m/min. Production will reach 519 ton/day.

Our supply has included high efficiency closed hoods at predrying and afterdrying sections that are able to maintain a dew point temperature up to 62ºC inside. These hoods are 55.5 m long in predrying section and 17.3 m in afterdrying section and they are built with completely dismantling roofs and panels, to have easier access to the elements of the machine. Hoods are equipped with lighting system, basement closure, blowing and exhaust air system and heat recovery.

The machine is equipped with Brunnschweiler devices for stabilization (our boxes type PSE, TE and COSTAB) and blowing (our types OPB, PV, FV) in order to achieve optimal ventilation of pockets, avoid wrinkles and breaks and improve on cross profile regularity.

The new PM-7 has started operation on September 2009. Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT), is India's largest manufacturer and exporter of paper, by means of a diversified production infrastructure with six manufacturing units spread across the country.

  • Aerothermic project for Ballarpur Industries Limited
  • Aerothermic project for Ballarpur Industries Limited