Fresh Orders From Customers in Europe,South America and Asia!

Fresh Orders From Customers in Europe,South America and Asia!


Brunnschweiler has rightfully earn the trust and loyalty of our clients , with the high-class product quality and the exquisite technical service for paper industry.

We would love to introduce you several typical cases from important paper maker in different continents during this period of time:


1-   Europe

This is the first project that we coodinated between European team and Chinese Team to attend the customer Pulp drying line rebuild plan. The  lifting doors will be manufactured in China, and erected by European team.

All the elements has fulfilled European safety standard, including the rebuild of lifting doors for a 80m length of hood, on-site evaluation/measurement.


2-   South America

This is the first supply in which Brunnschweiler Europe is directly facing the South Amercian market. It covers the rebuild of roof panels after more than 10 years running from machine start-up.


3-   Southeast Asia

As a closed partner,  Brunnschweiler Shanghai are supplying with these two sets in total TEN complete air handling systems to one of the world most important packing paper&board making leader. We will have close cooperation along with the development of this group no matter domestic or overseas for all levels of requirements.

The scope includes closed hood and ventilation system,process ventilation system,plume reducer and sheet stabilization boxes to achieve a production of 666,000 t/yr.